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26 November 2020

Adam Mickiewicz vodka received the “Appreciate Polish” emblem

Adam Mickiewicz vodka was among the winners of the XXXVII Certification of the National Promotion Program “Appreciate Polish”. Alcohol from the BZK Alco portfolio received maximum marks in all categories and won the highest Laurel of the Program – the emblem “Appreciate Polish TOP PRODUCT”.

Adam Mickiewicz vodka is a product from the premium segment, inspired by the figure of the great Polish bard. It is characterized by extraordinary delicacy and mildness of taste and aroma, which is ensured by a combination of crystal-clear water with seven times distilled spirit.

The aim of the “Appreciate Polish” program, which was launched in 2011, is to promote high-quality food products available on the Polish market. Their selection, evaluation and awarding of the “Appreciate Polish” certificate are carried out by specialists professionally related to food and nutrition technology, who form the Expert Lodge. The condition for the participation of a product in the attestation is that it has the so-called Polish accent, meaning that it is made from native ingredients, based on a traditional recipe or in our country.

Each product marked with the Emblem is characterized by the highest quality and excellent taste, reliable and recommended by experienced specialists in the food industry. During this year’s edition, 77 producers applied for the Emblem and submitted 186 products for evaluation.

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