The Salted Caramel liqueur by Stanisław Wokulski is a carefully prepared combination of flavors, which was created thanks to the careful selection of ingredients. A velvety, creamy drink with a salty-sweet taste will perfectly satisfy the palates of all liqueur connoisseurs. Alcohol content: 17%.

  • 500 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 12


The deep and intense flavor of the fruit is a new quality on the Polish market. Dzika Kaczka is a brand of flavored alcohols that combines the deep taste of ripe fruit with a lower alcohol level. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the best taste of fruit liqueur without worrying about the effects on the next day. Wild Duck is available in 3 fruity variants: lemon, quince and cherry. Alcohol content: 21%.

  • 100 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 24
  • 500 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 15

SHE. The world of female flavors.

The SHE brand is a unique line of spirits, which was inspired by the power flowing from the ritual of women's meetings. It is a combination of the highest quality ingredients with unique recipes. The SHE collection is an ideal proposition for women seeking new taste sensations, to enjoy the shared moments spent in a group of women. Attention is drawn to a slender bottle in elegant, matte black with expressive color elements. The line includes liqueurs with the following flavors: pomegranate, prickly pear, coffee with orange and salted caramel. The collection is rounded out by pure SHE vodka. Alcohol content: 30% (pomegranate, prickly pear, coffee with orang), 17% (salted caramel).  

  • 500 ml / No. of bottles in a carton: 12


Sentator Komorowski Cordial Collection refers to the tradition of liqueurs made in Poland since the 16th century. This semi-sweet, intensely fruity alcohol is produced from ripe fruit and aromatic spices. Plum liqueur contains a hint of cinnamon, quince - bitter orange and lemongrass, cherry - cardamom, and cranberry - thyme. Fruit liqueurs are available in 500 ml bottles. The alcohol content is 37.5%.  

  • 500 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 6