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29 May 2018

Björn – power saved in runes

Björn, a premium vodka created especially for men, is another new product from BZK Alco. It is distinguished by its 45 percent alcohol content, exceptionally velvety taste and unique bottle. The packaging design tells the mythical story of the invincible King of the North.

Björn is the first really strong vodka offered by BZK Alco with a 45 percent alcohol content. This is a bold step, because most vodkas on the market have about 40 percent alcohol content and less. Smooth, matte, cut glass bottles perfectly communicate the features of thise product: masculinity, exceptional strength of the drink and its velvety, delicate taste.

The Björn vodka recipe is based on spirit created a technology that is a unique in Europe and which allows us to achieve crystal-clear and strong alcohol.

The Björn vodka packaging symbolizes masculinity and definitely stands out on the shelf. The surface of the glass is covered with a thick font which refers to the way in which runes were hewn out. Millennia ago, the peoples of the North struck them in stone. Runes are real and have their a deep, ancient meaning. Men assessing the packaging of the vodka indicated that they associate it with original strength, power and communication with nature that sets fundamental challenges to man.

Björn Vodka is available in two versions:

– 45 percent alcohol content (black bottle)

– 40 percent alcohol content (matt white bottle).

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