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20 March 2019

Björn bottle among the winners of the Art of Packaging 2019 competition

A bottle of Björn vodka won the Art of Packaging 2019 in the Professional 2019  – Package of Desire category. The jurors assessed over 500 projects, of which only 24 were awarded in various categories. The idea behind the competition is to promote creativity and innovation in the packaging industry on the Polish and foreign markets.

The Björn vodka bottle was awarded “for the graphic design and bottle shape design for the new premium brand Björn vodka”. The uniqueness of the packaging is confirmed by the fact that it is another award for this project. Earlier, it received the Good Design award in the competition of the Institute of Industrial Design.

Björn’s bottle is covered with a lettering texture inspired by the look of runes hewn in stone. It tells the story of the Viking king. To read it, you have to turn the product several times. The packaging perfectly communicates the power of the drink and its velvety taste. The vodka is available in two versions, in a black bottle and in a matt white one.

– The design of the bottle is innovative, modern and unique. It fits perfectly into global trends in design – says Andrzej Zalewski, marketing director at BZK Alco. – This is a very expressive product, it definitely stands out on the store shelf, just like the drink that the bottle contains. It owes its strong, velvety taste to the sevenfold distillation of the spirit, thanks to which the alcohol is crystal clear, without any chemical impurities – adds Zalewski.

Björn bottle among the winners of the Art of Packaging 2019 competition

The bottle was a big design challenge. It had to transfer the concept of a strong brand within a simple message and at the same time distinguish itself among other products of the spirit industry, often sophisticated in terms of industrial design.

– The implementation of the bottle required extreme precision from designers and engineers – says bottle designer Magdalena Jabłońska from Spiritus Movens studio. – Every, even the smallest element of the packaging had to be rethought. Every detail was important, including the length of a single word in the text encircling the bottle several times. It must have included, among others, flat spaces for barcode and labels.

The idea behind the Art of Packaging competition, organized since 2006 by the European Media Group, is to promote the modern packaging industry, as well as innovation and creativity on the Polish and foreign market. European Media Group is the publisher of, among others, Packaging Polska monthly.

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