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05 July 2018

A range of prizes for market novelties

BZK Alco products have not been on the market for long, but they have already received many prestigious awards. In the international Monde Selection contest, Kazimierz Wielki and Björn were honored with Gold Medals, and Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka with the Great Gold Medal. In the equally important San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Björn received the Silver Medal, and Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka the Bronze Medal. The latter also won the Silver Medal in the International Spirits Challenge 2018. The products as well as the company also received many valuable Polish prizes.

Monde Selection is the oldest institution in the world  involved in the study of food quality and has been operating since 1961. All products submitted for the competition are subjected to detailed laboratory tests, as well as being tasted by experts as part of blind organoleptic tests. Kazimierz Wielki and Björn were honored with Gold Medals, and Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka with the Great Gold Medal.

Organised since 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the most influential industry competitions. Over the years, it has earned a reputation among businesses and consumers. The evaluation emphasises honesty and impartiality. Among the winners of the SFWSC medals are some of the most renowned international distillers and small producers. The SFWSC Medal is not only testimony to hard work, but also a widely recognized indicator of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. In this year’s edition, Björn received the Silver Medal, and Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka the Bronze Medal.

Winning a medal in the International Spirits Challenge 2018, a  competition which has been organized for 23 years, is an outstanding achievement and proves the commitment of the producers to the quality and innovation of the products. In the International Spirits Challenge – one of the most important events promoting spirits of exceptional quality from around the world – products go through a detailed, blind evaluation by an experienced team of experts. Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka received the Silver Medal in this year’s edition.

A range of prizes for market novelties


Successes on the Polish market

BZK Alco products have also been appreciated on the domestic market. Kazimierz Wielki won the Bronze Pearl of the FMCG Market, while Senator Komorowski won the special prize and the Gold Receipt statuette. The company also received prizes for its debut on the market: Gold Receipt – Award of the Polish Merchandisers, Trade HIT and the Special Award – Hit Concept in FMCG Hits. All these awards are prizes in the most important industry competitions.

The Gold Receipt is awarded by owners and managers of grocery stores all over Poland as well as readers of the Hurt i Detal  (Wholesale & Retail) monthly. For eight years the competition has been selecting products and services which have a significant impact on the development of retail trade in Poland and which bring the biggest income to the sellers.

The FMCG Hit is an annual competition that has been organized for 11 years by Życie Handlowe (Trade Life) Magazine. The winning products are appreciated for a unique idea in line with the latest consumer trends and high sales potential.

The Trade Hit competition has been carried out continuously for 17 years by the publisher of Handel (Trade) monthly. Special Awards are given to producers who set new trends in product categories, take a leading position in their development, introduce product lines and products that respond to consumer expectations and contribute to the development of their sales and the entire product category, as well as take care of the environment.

The Pearls of the Market survey is a nationwide, independent competition in which retailers for twelve years have indicated the most successful market novelties. The aim is to award the best product novelties in the most important categories, which are indicated by a jury consisting of representatives of the most important food retail chains. The organizer is the publisher of Wiadomości Handlowe (Trade News).

Senator Komorowski Organic Vodka was also honored with the Gold Medal at the 20th International Trade Fair – Business Food Medicine Car Fleet 2017 in Rzeszów. The unique qualities of this organic vodka were appreciated and it was recognized as one of the best products presented during the jubilee edition of the fair. The jury took into account the quality of the product as well as its price and visual attractiveness.

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