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29 May 2018

“Kazimierz Wielki has” entered the shops

The BZK Alco bottling plant has launched the production of this unique vodka made of completely pure alcohol.

This vodka is produced with the use of the only technology in Europe that allows the production of completely pure alcohol. The raw materials for its production are carefully selected, high-quality cereals and water from our own sources. Due to the extremely mild taste and the strength of a traditional vodka, “Kazimierz Wielki” is ideal for long feasts. It is so pure and natural that you do not even need to wash it down.

The vodka is the culmination of many years of tradition and a tribute to the greatest Polish ruler. King Kazimierz Wielki is an undisputed example of authority worth imitating. The ruler was full of temperament, known for great hospitality and a love of feasts.

There is a sword on the vodka label, the appearance of which refers to the legendary Szczerbiec. This is the coronation weapon of the kings of Poland, which is also one of the most valuable Polish relics and unique testimony of our tradition and history.

“Kazimierz Wielki” is produced in 0.5 and 0.1 liter bottles.

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