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29 May 2018

Collection of Senator Komorowski Fruit Liqueurs

Senator Komorowski Fruit Liqueur Collection calls upon the tradition of liqueurs made in Poland since the 16th century. This semi-sweet, intensely fruity alcohol is produced from the best ingredients, ripe fruit and aromatic spices. The production process is controlled at every stage. From the sowing of high-quality grain, through the production of spirit, to the mixing with crystal clear water and bottling.

The collection is available in four versions, each containing aromatic spices, which give it its unique flavor. Plum liqueur contains a hint of cinnamon, quince – bitter orange and lemongrass, cherry – cardamom, and cranberry – thyme.

Fruit Liqueurs are available in 500 ml bottles and have an alcohol content of 37.5%. The whole collection is made from ultra – premium alcohol. It is on sale through both modern and traditional trade.

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