Senator Komorowski FRUIT LIQUEUR Collection refers to the tradition of liqueurs made in Poland since the 16th century. This semi-sweet, intensely fruity alcohol is produced from ripe fruit and aromatic spices. Plum liqueur contains a hint of cinnamon, quince - bitter orange and lemongrass, cherry - cardamom, and cranberry - thyme. Fruit liqueurs are available in 500 ml bottles. The alcohol content is 37.5%.  

  • 500 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 6


Magnat is a continuation of Polish customs associated with the production of fine spirits which were served at the magnate courts. Thanks to numerous journeys and search for inspirations all over the world, exquisite ingredients have been combined in unusual ways at their manors. The Magnat collection, which was made of the best selected ingredients, combines the taste of ripe cherries with a hint of delicious rum, currant with a hint of exquisite whiskey, pears with a hint of aromatic vanilla, raspberry and lemon as well as lemon and quince. Alcohol content: 32%

  • 100 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 24
  • 500 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 12


The "Janosik" collection is derived from the tradition of brewing liquors from the tastiest Polish fruit. It is available in four flavors: apple, pear, plum and apricot. Recipes are based on natural ingredients - they have a slightly sour, fresh taste and the aroma of fruit as well as a straw color. Alcohol content: 30%

  • 100 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 24
  • 200 ml / Number of bottles in a carton: 20