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07 August 2019

The first line of alcoholic beverages for women

BZK Alco introduces an extraordinary line of alcohols, SHE, created especially for women. It includes pure vodka and three liqueurs, each available in a sophisticated flavor variant. The collection is closed by an elegant black frosted glass bottle. It is available in various, sophisticated flavors that will meet the expectations of demanding women.

SHE is an ideal proposition for women who are looking for new taste sensations, whilst enjoying the common celebration of each moment spent in a women’s group.  They are united by the highest quality ingredients and unique recipes. A slender bottle in elegant, matte black with bold color elements makes the SHE line products not only a perfect variety for women’s meetings, but also a perfect gift for sophisticated tastes. SHE is a collection of alcohols that opens the door to the world of feminine flavors.

Clear vodka SHE

Velvety smooth, made of selected grain and crystal clear water, SHE Vodka with 40% content is an ideal base for drinks.

SHE Liqueurs

SHE liqueurs are available in 3 variants, guaranteeing an explosion of mild flavor. They taste great with ice cubes or as an addition to drinks.

SHE Opuntia Fig liqueur  in an unusual way combines fruity refreshment with the smoothness and depth of the drink. Its freshness and freshness fits perfectly on sunny lazy days and hot summer nights filled with joyful laughter from women’s meetings.

SHE Coffee with Orange liqueur is full of coffee aromas, enriched with sweet but intense notes of orange fruit. It is a union of flavors that will complete every female encounter.

A tempting and original note of pomegranates ripening in the sun is the SHE Pomegranate liqueur. The smooth and fruity taste will surprise the most demanding participants with its uniqueness.

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